Learning Her Story

International Day of the Girl


About Learning her Story

The International Day of the Girl has been celebrated on October 11th since the United Nations officially recognized it in 2012. The Human Projects marks the occasion through an education campaign focusing on human rights issues that are especially relevant to girls around the world. Through interactive lesson plans, students will understand the history of girls’ rights under the broader umbrella of human rights as a whole, gain greater understanding of gender inequality, and develop an awareness of how they can have an impact on girls’ rights issues in their community.


Learning Her Story 2019


15 Minute Lesson Plans

Ages 5-9: Learning Through Play

Ages 9-11: Right to Play

Ages 11-14: Girls Education

Ages 15+: Child Marriage

1 Hour Lesson Plans

Ages 5-9: Right to Learn

Ages 9-11: Right to Play

Ages 11-14: Child Labor

Ages 15+: Human Trafficking


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